Céline Aulit – Pipol, it’s this Weekend in Brussels!

We have come to the end of this marvelous series of a-kephalos which has kept us on tenterhooks for almost a year. Passionate texts enthusiastically and joyfully written by colleagues from all over Europe have featured in the Blog of the 5th European Congress of Psychoanalysis, to be held this weekend at the Palais des Congrès in Brussels.

Clinicians, during the simultaneous sessions, will testify to the finesse with which they accompany their patients, to know a little about their desire and point of jouissance rather than to silence them as is proposed by the discourse of science.

Sunday’s conversations will undoubtedly evoke deliberations and will allow us to take a few more steps in this gripping debate.

The Unconscious and the Brain: Nothing in Common. Spread the word! See you at Pipol 9, this weekend in Brussels!

Translation by Raphael Montague

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