Jonathan Leroy – Reading a Brain?


This week, Catherine Lazarus-Matet brings to our attention the Human Connectome project, a neuroscientist dream to map the various neural pathways in order to establish a “dictionary of the brain”.

However, that which would be lacking in this dictionary is already put under the spotlight by Alexandre Gouthière: the phallus-brain willingly sets itself up as a lure, allowing for a justification of our failures and our symptoms.

In addition, it is a neurological disorder – a massive memory loss caused by an accident – that leads a couple to consult Marta Serra Frediani. Surprise comes from the fact that this disorder has left intact the jouissance point of the patient. What follows, for each of the partners, is the question of responsibility.

If neuroscientists dream of a dictionary of the brain, we can recall that for Freud no dictionary exists for the interpretation of dreams, no more than one exists for reading a symptom.

Translation: Raphael Montague

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