Anne Chaumont – Bet on the “I” and not on the “Neuro-self”



Faced with neuroscience incessant explaining as to how the brain works, there is a strong temptation to believe that the “self” would finally be localized and objectified, with an accompanying lot of measurements proffered in support of illusory evidences.

But the “being” which is in question in psychoanalysis is undeniably of a different nature: this next issue of a-kephalos expounds this in a new and very relevant way.

Based on a useful reading of Clotilde Leguil’s book: “Je.Une traversée des identities [I. A Traversal of Identities] [1] –Paula Galhardo, from Paris, reminds us rather that it is immeasurability and non-homogeneity that specify the subject of psychoanalysis – the one who resists mastery and is only apprehended in the singularity of an enunciation which attempts to circumscribe an altogether other real which is at stake.

It is through two remarkable clinical testimonies that Margarita Alvarez and Enric Berenger from Barcelona propose to demonstrate, with finesse, this orientation from which our politic is determined. The paths of two subjects who managed to escape from an indictment linked to vaguely deduced brain deficiencies and their lifelong treatment are thus traced by a gain in knowledge as stemming from a totally different cause: the one which elevates the desire of subject of the unconscious and contributes to a “forgetting of his brain”, countering in particular the false deterministic interpretations produced in abundance by neuro-scientism today.

This is well and truly an invitation for you also to in turn contribute, to evidence a case from your practice with regard to the heterogeneity between the neuronal and the subjectivity – certainly a source of disquiet, but one which salutes the “I” to come.

Thus, dear clinicians without further ado, to your plumes! It is only up to the 25th of March that you can send your text with regard to the simultaneous sessions of PIPOL 9.

Translation : Raphael Montague

[1] Leguil C., « Je ». Une traversée des identités, Paris, PUF, 2018.

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